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Because our gold is so malleable and soft, it gently follows every contour of the skin.
As a superbly heat conducting metal, it warms the skin quickly and effectively during massaging of
the skin. This heat conduction produces a revitalizing, nourishing effect on the senses as the gold
actively draws heat to the skin's surface, creating a healthy-looking, natural glow.


Facial Cleansing Gel for Men
Facial Cleansing Gel for Men 100ml / 3.4FL.oz This amazing cleansing gel is the multi-act..
AU $119.99
Homme - After Shave Balm
Enjoy a light, refreshing and gentle aftershave balm specially formulated for men's use. This balm w..
AU $259.99

Homme - Intense perfume
This luxuriously masculine scent was specially created for the modern, sophisticated man. The fragra..
AU $245.99
Multi Action Cream for Men
Multi Action Cream for Me 100ml / 3.4FL.oz With intent to preserve the youthful appearanc..
AU $129.99