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Because our gold is so malleable and soft, it gently follows every contour of
the skin. As a superbly heat conducting metal, it warms the skin quickly and
effectively during massaging of the skin.
This heat conduction produces a revitalizing, nourishing effect on the
senses as the gold actively draws heat to the skin's surface, creating a
healthy-looking, natural glow.


Gold Elements Mega Lift Express
Gold Elements Mega Lift Express 50ml / 1.7FL.oz The Gold Elements Mega Lift Express delivers i..
AU $2,700.00
Gold Elements MEGA MASK
GOLD ELEMENTS MEGA MASK 50ml / 1.7FL.oz The Gold Elements Mega Mask is an exclusive restorativ..
AU $4,000.00

Golden Luminescence Infusion Mask Treatment
Gold elements skincare introduces this ultra-nourishing, age-defying mask treatment that creates a s..
AU $5,199.99
Thermofoliant Oxygen Technology Facial Treatment
This powerful and indulgent, self-heating skin treatment imbues skin with essential oxygen and age-d..
AU $7,500.00

Truffles Infusion Thermal Mask
TRUFFLES INFUSION THERMAL MASK 50ml / 1.7FL.oz Your skin will benefit from a healthy, youth..
AU $1,169.99
Age Treatment Transforming Mask
AGE TREATMENT TRANSFORMING MASK 50ml / 1.7FL.oz   The prestigious GOLD ELEMENTS beau..
AU $649.99