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Gold and beauty are two words that go harmoniously together. It has always been that gold holds great value and importance, especially in the enhancement of beauty. The use of gold is acclaimed for its effective curative properties.



Due to our gold being so soft and pliable, it smoothly adheres to every contour of the skin. As an exquisite conductor of heat, metal warms the skin rapidly and efficiently during the massaging of the skin.  This conduction of heat yields a rejuvenating, nourishing effect on the senses as the gold works to draw heat to the surface of the skin, establishing a healthful, natural glow.



Our Gold Leaves were initially developed for professional use in hospitals, spas, and salons. The gold leaves used in our line of products are backed by 140 years of experience in the manufacturing of gold. Our exquisite specialty certified cosmetic-grade gold is  hygienic and dermatologically tested. The
enduring splendor and excellent thinness provides the highest-quality product and produces amazing results. Our gold leaf is exactly beaten to an optimum thinness of 0,0001 mm (one-tenth of one micron), resulting in a leaf with a fine atomic network and evident translucence. This unique beating process allows us to cultivate Gold Essentials at Micro particles perfectly adapted to creating a luxurious and truly astonishing line of products. This leaf is subsequently cut into specific cosmetic sizes and converted into naturally colored golden flakes and powders that are then added to our products during a definite exclusive manufacturing procedure. Gold is a multi-purpose treatment that helps to create the freshness of a youthful appearance, restores skin to reduce the look of age, and delivers a lustrous glow. Along with these benefits, it also pampers skin with a soothing and stimulating effects that encompasses the body or facial treatment. Indulge in a extraordinary gold skin treatment and improve you own beauty with the authentic Gold Elements Products.