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    Unforeseen, and surprisingly easy solutions to everyday skin problems. Sounds..
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    Astonishing Solutions to Common Skin Problems

    Unforeseen, and surprisingly easy solutions to everyday skin problems. Sounds wonderful, right? We’re the sort who will pursue detailed skin care routines with the eternal hope of eliminating those superficial skin issues that hold us back from the perfection we so desire. (Certainly this desire for utter perfection is not an understatement at all, no.) Yet we are also the first ones to concede that those complicated products don't always work. Let's say for now we take the easy path.


    Want to banish blemishes? In your dreams!

    Literally, of course. Consider all of the oils, the hair products, makeup, and assorted other residual products that find their way on your pillowcase at night. Next, consider how often you touch your face to that pillowcase. Now you are with us. If you seek to clear your complexion without paying or sampling the latest treatment, you can always swap out your pillow case, or wash it several times a week, given your linens are strong enough to hold up to that sort of wear.


    Head and shoulders and … face?

    It's well known that flaky skin is synonymous with dryness. What isn't as known is that not all flaking is due to dry skin. If you are noticing an increase in flakes, most especially in your eyebrows or around your nose, this flaking could be caused by seborrheic dermatitis. In layman's terms, dandruff. You heard that right-- dandruff on your face. Ew. There is good news however. A quick rub of anti-dandruff shampoo on the areas affected when you are in the shower will have you saying farewell to those flakes.


    An abundance of oil

    When you suffer from oily skin, the last thing you might think your skin needs is more moisture. The truth is, you would be wrong in that assumption. Oily skin is just as likely to get dry as any other skin type, so having a good moisturizer in your arsenal of beauty products is essential. Using a quality moisturizer such as Gold Elements D’Or Facial Cream will work to recondition the skin with results that are proven silky and sleek while keeping your skin's oil production under control.

    Posted On - 01/04/2015
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